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Delusional Bug Creepy Crawler Syndrome: Morgellons Disease Related?

morgellons-unknownDermatologists have been busy attempting to treat persons that feel they have parasitosis, or the delusion that bugs, worms, germs, or other creepy crawlers are infesting their skin and often see skin doctor after skin doctor to find out what is causing the infestation which is similar to a relatively newly documented sickness named Morgellons. Often, patients bring in samples of the insect and request a skin biopsy even.

Explaining the results of a recent trade publication study, Mark Davis, MD, a professor of dermatology at the Mayo Clinic explains:

“When we looked at what they brought in and when we looked under the microscope, we never found a parasite. The patient refuses to believe it is a psychiatric disorder because they have a false, fixed belief, so even if you present them all of the evidence, they still believe they have parasites invading their skin. They travel from center to center for another opinion because they really believe their skin is infected. There are no exact numbers on how many people have delusional skin infestation, but it is relatively frequent.”

The research included 108 people with symptoms resembling delusions of parasitosis (infection with a parasite). Some of the patients brought samples, others had biopsies of their skin, and some had both. Of 80 self-procured specimens, 10 were insects, but nine of them were not capable of infestation. One person brought in a sample of pubic lice, which is technically capable of infestation, but not the type that could cause head-to-toe itching. The other specimens were dead skin, plant material, or environmental debris.

This is a psychiatric condition, but people with a “delusional bug syndrome” typically see a dermatologist and not the appropriate doctor such as a psychiatrist.

Davis continues:

“They are very upset because they believe their skin is infested with all sorts of nasty things and we don’t see anything or find anything with a biopsy and yet they are in our office, their lives are ruined, and they want treatment. Patients say ‘you are just missing it and not looking carefully enough,’ and just walk out.”

Morgellons disease is a poorly understood condition which a growing number of physicians believe to be a chronic infectious disease. The disease can be both disabling and disfiguring. The symptoms include itching, biting and crawling sensations, “filaments” or fibers which emerge from the skin, skin lesions which range from minor to disfiguring, joint pain, debilitating fatigue, changes in cognition, memory loss, mood disturbance and serious neurological manifestations.

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are currently investigating the disease, it is not yet fully recognized by the medical community. At this time, the cause of Morgellons disease is unknown and there is no known cure.

It is difficult to understand the tremendous suffering caused by this disease. Many patients report feeling abandoned by the medical community, as they experience increasingly bizarre, disfiguring and painful symptoms, while often being unable to receive medical treatment for their condition. A large number of patients become financially devastated and without health insurance because they can no longer work. Most people who suffer from Morgellons disease report feeling frightened and hopeless.

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Understanding Morgellons Disease and How it Affects Your Body

By Margaret Mathews
Envision a nightmare of horror, conspiracy, medical mystery, human suffering and yet being called crazy by your doctor or others. Imagine you might have Morgellons Disease.

People who suffer from Morgellons Disease will tell you it is as if “am insect is crawling under their skin”. They may have a number of symptoms but in most cases it boils down to unexplained skin rashes and eczemas and the appearance of fibers and granules coming out of their skin. Some have said that they have seen insects or some type of parasite emerging to fly away from under their skin. Often sufferers have had bouts of Lyme disease as well. Lyme disease is the most common tick borne disease in the United States whose incidence and reported incidence is rising alarmingly. Like Morgellons Disease Lyme disease was a poorly known or diagnosed disease. Suffers were often labeled by their doctors as suffering and imaginary diseases – they were at the least hypochondriacs and perhaps psychotic. Like Morgellons disease Lyme disease

Affects suffers with a myriad of symptoms – many of them similar to Morgellons including rashes, eczemas and neurological conditions. Unlike Morgellons disease Lyme disease is now recognized as a valid disease that can be identified through medical diagnostic skills and lab tests. It is now known and appreciated that early treatment of Lyme disease with antibiotics can result in an excellent treatment and prevention of many of the symptoms and complications resulting from untreated Lyme disease and that delayed or inadequate treatment may result in a condition for the poor patient which is disabling and may very difficult to treat. The same approach and understanding can not be said for Morgellons Disease sufferers.

The actual pathogen that is causing Morgellons disease is at the present unknown. It may be an old infection that has been around for eons. It may be a new type of infection that has come into play through evolution, international travel, the destruction of the Amazon and African rain forests or even outer space. It may be a new type of infection – a parasite, a worm, bacteria, a virus, a preon or something not even known yet. Nobody knows. Perhaps it is even transmitted in a latent fashion similar to mad cow disease.

The symptoms of patients presenting with Morgellons are varied and unfortunately for the suffered may match several other medical conditions most of which are widely known and that medical students and physicians are taught to quickly recognize and treat.

A well known axiom of medical training is “to always go for the most common disease “when diagnosing and treating.”. Unfortunately the sufferer of Morgellons may be incorrectly diagnosed for years and years as time goes on and the disease progresses. They may be told that they have “scabies which is also a mite or small insect manifestation. They may be told that they have nothing more than standard run of the mill lice which is also an infestation of parasitic insects…

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