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Detailed Information on Morgellons Syndrome

by Juliet Cohen

Detailed Information on Morgellons Syndromes

Morgellons syndrome, also known as delusional parasitosis. At the present moment Morgellons disease is a very divisive skin disorder. Morgellons is an unusual parasite-like skin disease, which produces irritating sores all over the body. Symptoms linked with Morgellons comprise sensations of itching, crawling, biting, stinging, pricking and burning, believed by sufferers to be caused by an infection or infestation of some sort. People suffering from this condition report a range of symptoms including crawling, biting and stinging sensations as if they had insects on and under their skin. Skin lesions (rashes or sores) appear all over the body.

Fibers of different colors blue, red, green, etc. threads are found protruding out of the skin. Some sufferers of this skin disorder or illness see it as like to scabies. A cause of Morgellons Syndrome is associated to Lyme’s Disease. Others consider that Morgellons is the result of nano machines accidentally or purposefully released into the environment. A nano machine is a man-made molecular machine comprised of a few atoms or chains of atoms use to do work at the atomic level in manfacturing process. In the biological field, nano machines work at the celular level inside of body cells. Another possible cause of Morgellons is Chemtrails.

Fibers likely to those described by Morgelllons patients seem to be found in jet plane exhausts – those white lines in the sky caused by the passage of airplanes. Chemtrails appear to be particularly heavy releases from planes containing fibers. There is strong anecdotal evidence linking these Chemtrail aerosol fibers to Morgellons fibers. It is possible that the cause for Morgellons is thus some type of chemical poisoning caused by airplanes. Many dermatologists treat Morgellons as delusional parasitosis. Treatment of Morgellons syndrome is recommending the use of antibiotics, antiparasitic medications, herbal supplements, and light therapy.

Atypical antipsychotics such as olanzapine or risperidone are employed as first line treatment. Antipsychotics are useful at treating delusional parasitosis at doses as low as one-fifth to one-tenth the dose typically prescribed for schizophrenia. The antibiotic treatment is not curative, because when it is discontinued, the symptoms return Persons with Morgellons symptoms may turn to alternative remedies described on web sites and discussion groups. Some treatments are dangerous, however, and have included the use of bleach, veterinary medicines intended for de-worming horses, and industrial insecticides.

For more detailed information about Morgellons Syndrome, please contact the Parasitology Center.

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Three Diseases We Don’t Know About: Morgellons, Lyme and Celiac Disease


Celiac Disease

morgellons-unknownCeliac disease mainly affects the ability of small intestine to absorb nutrients from food. People suffering from celiac disease are unable to digest a protein known as gluten. Celiac disease also called gluten sensitive enteropathy is a malfunctioning of assimilation program of the entire body, causing diet related issues. Celiac disease can be a digestive system disease which usually issues small digestive tract as well as decelerates your consumption associated with vitamins we via meals. Celiac illness is another intestinal disorder (even though more rare) that is brought on by the intolerance associated with some animals to gluten, a protein that is in barley, oats, rye and wheat. Lack of nutrition often accompanies this condition because of the greatly reduced absorption of nutrients. Celiac illness is a medical condition that causes wherewithal to absorb gluten found in barley, wheat, oats and rye.

Morgellons Syndrome

Morgellons syndrome, also called delusional parasitosis. Morgellons syndrome has been linked to chemtrails, the actual wispy clouds remaining by high-flying airplanes. Morgellons Research Basis is based in Pittsburgh. Morgellons sufferers have a tendency to suffer consistently through rashes and sores and these symptoms don’t respond to over-the-counter skin-related aids. Morgellons sufferers loose their own lives to this disease; MD’s and Dermatologist dismiss the signs and symptoms as Delusions associated with Parasitosis (DOP), a part of schizophrenia. Morgellons disease is a serious and apparent skin disease which has many people struggling. Morgellons Disease presents a wide range of symptoms, generating it very difficult to document this condition.

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Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is generally suspected in an individual who has been exposed, includes a tick chew, and has joint pain. In cases where it is not clear when the patient has been exposed, the doctor will need to eliminate other potential causes for that symptoms. Lyme illness can happen in serious or repeating form. Lyme Disease: If you have fully recovered through Lyme disease you may register to become a potential volunteer donor. Lyme illness also called Lyme borreliosis, is definitely an infection that derives from the tick bite. Lyme Disease ( not really Lyme’s Disease ) is actually caused by a spirochete known as Borrelia . Lyme disease was initially described in 1975. Lyme illness is an infection caused by a bacteria normally present in deer and sent to people by deer ticks.


‘Morgellons Disease’ Is Creepy. But Is It Real? The Answer is Yes!

One thing everyone can agree on is that those who claim to have Morgellons disease are suffering. The question is: From what?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced plans last week to learn more about Morgellons through a study with health care provider Kaiser Permanente in California, an area where many Morgellons sufferers are clustered.

“Our position is to be, quite frankly, open minded and objective. We’re approaching this as we would approach any other investigation of an unknown or unexplained condition,” said Dr. Michele Pearson, lead investigator of the CDC study. “We want to take a scientifically rigorous approach to try and figure this out.”

After finding no satisfactory diagnosis for strange lesions on her son’s face, Mary Leitao discovered strange fibers in the lesions. Dismissed by doctors, she found references to a disease called Morgellons in the 16th and 17th centuries that counted “harsh hairs” among its symptoms. She started a Web site seeking fellow sufferers, and to date more than 11,000 families have registered.

That there is so much self-diagnosis of Morgellons contributes to the skeptical attitude most doctors take toward the condition. Sufferers bringing in fibers as physical evidence doesn’t help.

“When you go to medical school, you are trained that if somebody comes into your office … if somebody brings you a Ziploc baggie full of stuff, it’s called the Ziploc baggie sign, and … you’re crazy,” says Washington Post reporter Brigid Schulte, who has been following the Morgellons phenomenon.

Pearson says the CDC study, in addition to addressing the nature of the “unexplained dermopathy,” has other aims.

“One thing we’ve heard quite clearly from people affected with this condition is that they often go see a provider, [and] the provider has never heard of this condition … so one thing we hope to do is raise awareness that this does exist.”


Morgellons is a REAL and serious condition. Years of research in the field of Morgellons has been done, the key is to find a specialist who knows how to treat Morgellons.

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